Full Kirkus Review of Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy

William McEachern December 29, 2018


The Fall of the Confederacy

William D. McEachern

LitFire Publishing (303 pp.)

$33.49 hardcover, $22.93 e-book

ISBN: 978-1-64045-664-8; September 11, 2017


A debut historical novel details the Civil War experiences of a Confederate soldier.

James Augustus McEachern was born in 1840 in Darlington, South Carolina, a smal . . .


My thoughts and my words

admin November 12, 2018

Get to know me more by the help of this interview.  These are questions that will help you  understand my books and how they came to life.

  • Who is your favorite author?

I do not have a favorite author; I have favorite authors for different genres.  For fiction about Ancient Rome, I love to read Simon Scarrow.  Dewey Lambdin writes the b . . .

great wagon road

The Great Wagon Road

admin October 31, 2018

Recalling the eighteenth century’s most valued frontier road

During the mid-1700s, European colonists, particularly Scots fleeing British oppression known as the Highland Clearances and Scots-Irish fleeing religious persecution, flocked to the docks of Philadelphia. By about 1750, land had become scarce in Pennsylvania due this vast influx of settlors, a . . .


Landmarks of Scottish Industrial Revolution in 1790 to the 1800s

admin October 23, 2018

Scotland: An unlikely place for a very brief, beautiful Caledonian love story that emerges through smoke and fire

Returning to one’s ancestral roots and sustaining and maintaining its tradition even in a foreign land is a worthwhile endeavor. In putting together information, one can mine a story within the context of a historical event, precious in its i . . .


Matthew the Disciple: From Sinner to Saint

William McEachern October 15, 2018

How Matthew progressed from being hated to celebrated

Matthew is one of the most recognizable names in the Bible, especially in the New Testament. Let’s go back in time and see how this gospel writer became one of the twelve disciples.

Prior to following Christ, Matthew was known as Levi, a tax collector. It was a profession hated by Jews during ancien . . .

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